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 Create and apply watermarks using your brand name, logo or text. This watermarking website helps you protect images. You can add a color   transparent visible watermark to your images    and photos. The watermark can be your copyright or the URL of your site or your logo. You Can easily upload pictures taken with either a Polaroid camera or a HTC camera

  Main features
  - Adding customizable visible watermarks on your pictures or digital photos.
  - Crop Images
  - Custom transparency
  - Watermarking a group of pictures (batch watermarking)
  - Watermark image(s) with your logo.
  - Add custom font and color to your text
  - Select the position of your text or logo (i.e. top left, right, etc)

  Additional features
  - Auto create codes to use on forums, myspace and direct linking
  - Host your watermarked images.
  - View your images in user gallery, slide show The site is very easy to use.
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